FPSC Tracking ID

When you register for the FPSC system, FPSC management provides you with a unique ID to log in to their system. With the FPSC tracking ID, you can check all the details.

This tracking ID serves as a vital role for FPSC applicants to monitor the tracking status, application status, examination schedule, and result.

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FPSC Tracking ID 2024 – Retrieve Tracking ID

To log in to the FPSC Panel, you need these documents.

  • CNIC Number
  • Tracking ID
  • Enter a verification code.

After updating all the above data, the system needs a Captcha for you to verify your identity.

fpsc tracking id

What is the FPSC tracking ID?

When you enter the world of the Federal Public Service Commission, the IT department will provide you with a specific ID for logging in, including your username and password. With this ID, you can edit and retrieve applications before the last date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into FPSC?

To log into the FPSC User Panel, enter your username and password provided by the Federal Public Service Commission. Fill out the Captcha for verification, whether you are human or not.

Can we edit applications on FPSC?

Yes, you can edit the FPSC application before the last date or closing date.

Who Can Apply for FPSC?

At least a 2nd class bachelor degree in any faculty from a recognized university. However if you have 3rd Class degree in Bachelor, you must be 2nd Class Degree in Master in Any discipline.

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  1. How do I log into FPSC?
    where i can find my username or password provided by Fpsc? actually i want yo login but i dont know whats my username or password is


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